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How to install PostgreSQL14 on Windows Server 2019

In this post, I am going to install, create database and configure event configuration for VMWare Horizon Connection Server.

I am using PostgreSQL14 because it is FREE and don’t need SQL Server to complete VMWare Horizon Event Configuration for Connection Server.

Follow the document and complete your connection server configuration using PostgreSQL14.




How to install Windows 11 on ESXi 7.0.3

In this post, I am going to install Windows 11 as Virtual Machine on vSphere ESXi 7.0.3 within vCenter 7.0.3.

VMWare released version 7.0.3 this month. So, I upgraded all ESXi servers to the latest version including vCenter Server. I am creating a VM as Windows 11 and installing the OS for testing purpose. To perform this exercise you don’t need a physical ESXi server with TPM 2.0. You can create VM using Key Provider and Storage Policy which, I have described in detail at the end of the document. So sit back relax and enjoy deploying Windows 11 VM.